Lora  Paglia

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Lora Ann Paglia, born on March 20 th , 1963 in New York, passed at age sixty on November 13 th , 2023 after a long fight of end stage liver and kidney failure. Lora is survived by her daughter, Tina Marie Rebecca LaChiana, and her son, Michael Joseph Duffin III. Lora had many passions in life, one being plants. She would often revive other people’s plants if she noticed they were in need (mainly her daughter Tina’s plants). She also held a passion for Betty Boop as well as anything leopard or zebra print. Lora was known for being extremely organized, as well as very put together. She always made sure to look her best, even when she was struggling. However, Lora’s strongest passion in life (other than her children) was caring for others, leading her to pursue a career in healthcare. Lora spent much of her young adult life volunteering as a candy striper. She followed her passion by becoming a licensed practical nurse and had plans to continue her education and become a registered nurse. However, due to her medical conditions, Lora was unable to further her career. This didn’t stop Lora from continuing her passion for helping others in any way she could. Although her career as a LPN was cut short, she continued her passion by helping as many people as possible while she was ill. Lora was always ready and willing to help when anyone needed it, but especially when it came to her loved ones. She was a very generous and compassionate person, wanting nothing more than to bring a bit of joy into others lives. She would often bring gifts to her drivers and aides while she was ill. Inspired by his mother’s compassion and dedication, Michael followed in her footsteps and became a nurse himself, which made Lora beyond proud of him.


Lora was known for being a very goofy person. She would often make jokes in order to show that life was not as serious as everyone thought. You would always find her doing something silly or trying to make others laugh. She had a kindness in her smile that could light up a room and anyone who witnessed her smile was touched by the kindness and compassion shown in her eyes. She will greatly be missed by everyone whose lives she touched. Lora’s legacy of kindness and compassion towards others continues to live on through her son and daughter, whom she loved more than anything in this world. May her memory live on and the impact she had on those she cared for be a source of comfort and inspiration. ( I love you more than the world and the world never ends)
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