5 Ideas For Creating New Holiday Traditions After A Death

By: Louis Bruno
Wednesday, December 18, 2019

When the holidays come around, celebrations and festivities add a very cheery atmosphere all around you. This is the time to spend relaxed moments with your family and friends and enjoy special meals. However, all of this seems meaningless when you have lost a very close family member.

You do not feel up to enjoying yourself and participating in any of the festivities. Somehow, all of the traditions that you shared with that person do not seem to be relevant any longer since they are not with you. However, it is essential to maintain a positive attitude and consider creating new traditions. Here are some new traditions that you can incorporate into your life during this time:

  • Unique desserts are part and parcel of a holiday dinner, and you should try to include your loved one's favorite recipe during Christmas time.
  • If the person liked music, you should play the songs or music that they particularly enjoyed. It can help bring back happy memories about the person and help you cope with the season in a better way.
  • If you know somebody else that has also suffered a similar loss, you can invite them over and provide them some support. It will also help you gain some support in your time of grief.
  • You can do some charity work and donate either your time for money to make someone else happy.
  • If you have any family members that live in assisted living facilities, carve some time out to go and visit them during the holidays. When you put a smile on their faces, it will make you feel happier as well.

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