Celebration of Life Vs. Funerals

By: Louis Bruno
Friday, August 16, 2019

Most funeral ceremonies follow a specific format. There are standard eulogies, hymns, and prayers which take place, and the service follows a very predictable pattern. The primary reason for conducting a funeral service is to provide the family members of the deceased some solace. However, a typical funeral service doesn't always serve this purpose, and most people go through the motions.

Many families are now looking for more meaningful ways of organizing a funeral service. This is where a celebration of life comes in. It is an atypical way of conducting a funeral, and family members find that it provides them much more comfort and solace compared to a traditional funeral service.

What Makes Celebration of Life Different From Standard Funeral Service?

Celebration of life is different from a funeral on many counts such as:

  • The mood at the event is more celebratory rather than somber.
  • It may be held at an indoor or outdoor location and not necessarily in a funeral home
  • The process of the event is very different from a standard funeral
  • The decedent’s body may or may not be present.
  • It is a very informal event.
  • Celebration of life events can be held at any point of time and not necessarily right after the death of the person.
  • There are no religious connotations in a celebration of life
  • A celebrant will manage the event, and no religious leader will be present.
  • The idea of conducting a celebration of life is to honor the decedent, share fond memories and stories about the loved one
  • You can hold this event in the manner you want without any specific agenda.
  • There are no rules and no formal rituals that you need to adhere to, which allows you to focus on healing.

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