What is Green Burial?

By: Louis Bruno
Monday, October 15, 2018

Over the years, there has been a lot of change in the manner in which funerals are held. Many people prefer not to have a formal service, and opt for a celebration of life. And this isn’t the only change that has taken place in the funeral space. Many people are opting to pre-plan and pre-pay for their funerals.

People are also increasingly becoming aware of the fact that traditional funerals can be harmful to the environment. The amount of concrete, formaldehyde, wood etc. that is required in standard funerals can be a huge burden on the environment. There was a time when it was believed cremations are a better option compared to burials, with reference to the eco-friendly aspect.

Green Burials- What Are They?

However, cremations also use a significant amount of energy and emissions defile the environment. This has brought in the green burial wave. While people have heard about this not many are aware of exactly what it involves. Here are some facts about green burials:

  • No embalming fluids are required. This is because the body isn’t embalmed at all.
  • A biodegradable container will be used to bury the body.
  • There would be no concrete vault or even a grave liner installed.
  • The land management system used is far more sustainable.
  • There will be no concrete grave markers.
  • In case the family prefers to install a grave marker, it would be made of natural stone or a tree would be planted in that spot.
  • The grounds where the burial takes place would have many beneficial plant species installed.
  • No chemical or mechanical methods will be used to manage the plantings.
  • Water-efficient plants and irrigation systems would be employed on the grounds.
  • Energy would be used efficiently.
  • The focus is on conserving the integrity of the ecological biosphere.

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