Navigating Grief After a Veteran's Funeral

By: O'Shea Funeral Homes and Cremation Service
Monday, August 21, 2023

Losing a loved one is certainly a challenging experience. It becomes even more poignant when you lose a spouse who served in the military. Funeral homes Oakdale, NY, and other such services play a pivotal role in helping military widows navigate through these difficult times. The journey to restoration does not end after the veteran’s funeral, it merely transitions to a new phase where grief and recovery become everyday companions. Here are some steps to navigate these emotions and circumstances. 


The Grieving Process: Unraveling Each Emotion 


The first step in healing is understanding and acknowledging the stages of grief. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance are common phases of this journey. Each widow may experience these differently in sequence and duration. Knowing this can equip you with the understanding necessary to accommodate these emotions healthily. 


The Practicalities: Administrative Details and Support 


While grappling with sorrow, the practicalities of life still need to continue. Widows of veterans often have to manage administrative tasks such as pension claims, obtaining death certificates, and handling estate issues. The Veterans Administration (VA) offers several resources and benefits for military widows, easing this process.  


Building a Support Network: Sharing Your Story  


Creating or extending your support network can be an essential part of navigating post-funeral grief. Sharing your pain with individuals who can empathize, such as other military widows, close family, or friends can provide emotional relief. Joining support groups, both offline and online, can also offer comfort from shared experiences. 


Self-Care: An Essential Component of Healing  


Coping with a significant loss involves careful attention to your own well-being. Eating balanced meals, maintaining light physical activity, and most importantly, ensuring sufficient rest are crucial aspects of self-care. It's okay to reach out and seek professional help if feelings of melancholy persist or seem overwhelming.  


Remembrance: Honoring the Veteran's Memory  


Often, crafting a tangible memory of the deceased can aid in the grieving journey. Whether it's a photograph album, preserving military medals, or writing a tribute, these tools serve as touchstones to remember your spouse. They come to reinforce the good times, encouraging a balanced perspective on life and loss. 


Engagement: Staying Active  


Gradually, engaging in social activities or community services can offer a distraction from lingering sorrow. Simple activities such as gardening, joining a hobby club, or volunteering in community service help bring structure to your life and can significantly help in recovery. 


Coping with the loss of a spouse who served in the military is a sorrowful transition filled with unique challenges. However, the journey becomes more manageable with the right help, guidance, and support. The compassion and understanding demonstrated by funeral homes in Oakdale, NY, offer a dignified farewell to the brave veterans and continued support to their families on their path to healing. 


Hard times ease with the right companionship. Thus, we invite you to connect with O'Shea Funeral Homes and Cremation Service to make this journey less challenging. Our experienced team is at your service to guide you in this phase while ensuring the departed’s memory is promoted with honor. Respect, dignity, and compassion form the heart of our work as we walk with you in your healing journey. 

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