Personalization Options for the Casket

A personalized casket is the most visible way to reflect the life of your loved one. A wide variety of decorative and functional features are available on both metal and wooden caskets, allowing for personal memorialization of a life well lived.

The exterior of a casket can be engraved with a meaningful emblem or text to make the casket more personal and unique. From personal sayings to military emblems to symbols which reflect favorite pastimes, an engraved casket is a meaningful tribute. 

Embroidery can be added to the interior panel of a casket for additional personalization. By selecting an embroidered interior for your loved one's casket, you can capture what best represents their personality or interests.  

Exterior personalization may also be added to a casket including ornamental corners. These special designs can reflect hobbies, interests, relationships, spirituality and affiliations based upon individual preferences. 

Your funeral director will explain all your options to you and show you samples of the various personalization options available.  

Please click on the images below to view our options of Engraving, Embroidery & Corner Art.