Concerned About Paying Too Much for an Unfulfilling Funeral Service?

Introducing the O’Shea Funeral Homes and Cremation Services exclusive Exceptional Family Care Guarantee ™.

1)  We respect your budget

Exceptional Family Care GuaranteeSadly, some funeral homes follow an “oops” approach to funeral arrangements. They will quote an attractive price over the phone, but when you come into the funeral home they inform you that there are a few extra fees which they forgot to mention.

At O’Shea, our unique consultative arrangement process begins with you describing the life your loved one lived and the type of service you have in mind. Next we will explore a wide variety of options that will help reduce the total price while still honoring your wishes.

Throughout our time together we will review the cost with you at each point in the arrangement process. We do this so that there is no surprise at the end and you can comfortably make good decisions for your family and your budget.

2) We guarantee…that you will have 24-hour access to our team, 7 days a week

Exceptional Family Care GuaranteeAlthough national statistics are unavailable, a study of families served by us over the past years shows that 65% of loved ones pass away at night or on weekends. That’s why it’s so important for you to have 24-hour access to our team, 7 days a week.

Regardless of when you call our office, your call will be answered by trained personnel. Outside of our normal office hours we use the support of Answering Service for Directors (ASD), the service used by the top funeral homes nationwide. When contacted, ASD immediately contacts our on-call staff and your call will be returned within minutes.

If your loved one has passed, a member of our team will be immediately dispatched to bring them into our care. For local families, our goal is to have your loved one in our care within 15 minutes of your call. Sadly, some funeral homes do not understand the importance of responding quickly to this tragic event.

3) We guarantee you will be given the opportunity for a private goodbye with your loved one

Exceptional Family Care GuaranteeSaying goodbye to your loved one is never easy. Unfortunately, in today’s disposable culture, many people skip this step. The sad reality is that failing to say goodbye to someone you love leaves emotional wounds that may never heal.

At O’Shea, whenever possible your family will be given the opportunity for a private farewell in one of our tastefully decorated visitation rooms.

If no services are planned, a private farewell is typically 2 or 3 immediate family members. If a public visitation is planned the private farewell will be scheduled to precede the public time and is open to the entire family.

4) We guarantee your service can be as traditional or innovative as you like

Exceptional Family Care GuaranteeMany families find significant comfort in a traditional funeral service complete with a public visitation, church or chapel funeral service, procession to the cemetery and a graveside ceremony. O’Shea has always, and will always, be ready to care for families wanting a traditional service.

We also pride ourselves as being the most flexible, creative and innovative funeral homes on Long Island and beyond. With just a little work our visitation rooms can be transformed to reflect and honor the story of a lifetime. The following are a few examples of innovative things we have done with families.

  • For an avid car collector, we parked one of his antique car on the front yard of the funeral home and filled the visitation room with his model car collection.
  • For a life-long Met’s fan, we filled the room with his memorabilia plus brought in some of our own. People told us that his funeral was a home run.
  • For a woman who loved her bling, the family asked us to line the casket with LED lights and make sure there was lots of sparkles inside the casket.

When it comes to creative services our guideline is simple… as long as the idea is safe, legal, ethical and moral we will do everything possible to accommodate your request.

One request that we get from time to time is to conduct a funeral service outside of the Long Island area. Typically, this is from a family that we have previously served who have moved to another area but want our attention to detail and level of service. We can easily accommodate this request and are licensed to conduct a funeral anywhere in New York State.

5) We guarantee that we will provide veterans and first responders with a premium level of service at no additional cost

Exceptional Family Care GuaranteeAt O’Shea, we take great pride in being known as the veteran and first responder memorial specialists in our area. It is an honor to serve those who have served our country and our community and we do not take this responsibility lightly.

The following is a list of the special things we do to serve veterans and first responders.

  • Military or first responder insignias on hearse
  • Memorial website obituary with veteran’s theme
  • Veterans specialty prayer card and laminated obituary
  • Personalized overlay or head panel with branch of service
  • Veterans memorial video
  • Assistance with full veteran’s support including burial in state or federal veteran cemetery without charge
  • Coordination of full military honors at cemetery, church or funeral home
  • Flag for casket or urn
  • Cherry wood flag case
  • Application for cemetery marker if applicable
  • Our staff is specially trained to assist the veteran’s family with all benefits due them after the death of a veteran

We guarantee that no other funeral home honors veterans and first responders the way we do at O’Shea.

6) We guarantee that we will strive to be your complete funeral solution.

Exceptional Family Care GuaranteeThe loss of a loved one can be an overwhelming time of hectic activity and sadness. The last thing the immediate family needs to be doing now is driving all over town planning for all the things they need but that most funeral homes do not provide.

At O’Shea, we have intentionally designed our business to be your complete funeral solution. The following are just a few of the ways that have added products and services that families find helpful.

  • An in-house florist who can design the perfect flowers for your loved one’s service.
  • Limousines so your family can avoid the hassle of driving and parking
  • Catering of food and drinks so that you can hold a family meal or after-service reception here at the funeral home.
  • A wide variety of monuments
  • A complete line of urns including innovative products such as our new biodegradable sea urn.
  • Three full time administrative assistants who help families with filing the paperwork for insurance benefits, social security, veteran’s benefits etc.
  • A complete library of grief support videos on our website to help families navigate the grief journey.

With a team of 60 people, including 8 Funeral Directors, we have the ability and desire to help you and your family at every step of your memorial experience.

7) We guarantee you will value the experience

Exceptional Family Care GuaranteeThe cost of a funeral service is often important. But the real priority is the value you receive for the money you spend. Whether you spend $4,000 or $14,000, if the experience does not meet the emotional, spiritual and practical needs of your've spent too much.

At O’Shea, we pride ourselves on delivering more value than any other funeral service provider in the area.

Value comes from...

  • our expert guidance as you navigate a difficult time
  • our ability to create a unique and beautiful funeral experience your family and friends will cherish
  • our willingness to handle all the details so you can relax and experience the love and support of family and friends
  • our talented team members who always treat everyone with compassion and care
  • our selection of only the highest quality products at all price ranges.

Should there ever be a portion of our services that does not meet your expectations simply notify us right away and we will do whatever it takes to correct the shortfall.  If we are unable to do so, that portion of our service fee will be promptly refunded.