Pre-Planning A Funeral

Life presents us with many challenging and stressful decisions. When a person is faced with the loss of a loved one making important decisions is difficult and painful. This is why Pre-Arrangements make a lot of sense. Making funeral arrangements in advance greatly reduces the burden and stress on the grieving family. Pre-arranging assures one that the service will reflect the personal beliefs, standards and lifestyle of the loved one.

The funeral directors at the Charles J. O’Shea Funeral Home and Albrecht, Bruno & O’Shea Funeral Homes will patiently and compassionately guide you through the choices that need to be made. The funds are placed in a trust account held by the Cooperative Funeral Fund, These trusts are revocable unless the person is on SSI or applying for Medicaid. The trust is then irrevocable. Either way, the trust is always transferable should you move. For complete information, please call us for an appointment to answer all you questions in person.

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