Our Front Sign at Albrecht Bruno & O'Shea Funeral Home

Albrecht Bruno & O'Shea - East Islip

62 Carleton Avenue
East Islip, NY

 Phone: 631-581-2828

Local Resources

We have provided a list of local businesses that are related to our business.

These businesses are supported by Charles J. O'Shea Funeral Home.

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Common Questions about Funerals

Everyone always has a lot of questions when it comes to death and their mortality.

We have created a directory of questions and answers for you to review.

Feel free to bookmark or print off our Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you feel that you have questions left unanswered then please Ask our Funeral Director a question anytime.

Maps & Directions

Looking to get directions to any of our Funeral Home locations? We have created a turn by turn instruction for your use. 

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